Creation is dependent on inspiration and inspiration can be found everywhere. You also need to be in the right frame of mind to see that which will inspire, when not in the right frame of mind, it's easy to miss and be blind to the wonderful and free sources of inspiration. As web and graphic professionals we see things in terms of fonts, colors, layouts, and organization of information just to name a few. We seek inspiration from books, magazines, brochures, street signs, advertisements and of course other websites. We see what we see, select what we like and let the creative instincts flow and add our touch of creativity and style, so in essence we are inspired by works of others. In turn, to give back and to help inspire others, we regularly review and process information about websites on the internet. The following sections include our findings, please note that we're not in any shape or form claiming responsibility or ownership for any of the websites listed within our archives, these works are creations of others and they deserve all the credit. The following pages are aimed to inspire, maybe you will see a layout which will inspire you or give you an idea for your own project, maybe you will see color selections and palettes that you'll like or perhaps fonts that will get the creative ball rolling for you. These are our intentions, we hope to inspire as we're inspired by things we see everyday.

Visit these websites, see how other professionals design and develop, be inspired.

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